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TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it.

ohhh lawdy another 10!

1. i love my birthdate because it is in fall (my favorite season) and it always falls right on or around election day! (GO VOTE think of it as a birthday gift to mee)

2. every thursday i have a wine night with my girlfriends. everyone brings their own bottle. we don’t bother with glasses ;)

3. i hate emus

4. my favorite lake in the world is morraine lake in alberta, canada. even though i’ve neve been there.

5. once, when i was little, me and my little bro were having a pillow fight in the parking lot of a holiday inn (we were on our way to the beach on family vacation) and i forgot that i had put a little glass bottle of maple syrup in my pillow case (from cracker barrel) so when it hit him and he started crying i made fun of him for being a baby. and then later felt like an asshole when i realized what had happened. good times. 

6. i have a matching tattoo with my best friend. because we’re cool like that. 

7. i like to run (i never thought i’d say that in my whole life)

8. i hate having long fingernails

9. i dont knowwww ughh. today i had pie for breakfast

10. ALSO TODAY i got a box in the mail from italllyyyyy I WONDER WHO ITS FROM. also there is a weird paper attached to it with a picture of some old italian guy’s passport?

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