I’ve been meaning to take this picture for a while. When the moon is low enough in the horizon and after sunset, it gathers a bit of reflected light. It’s easy to see with your eyes but difficult to capture with a camera unless you do a long exposure. 

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List of Full Moons At Least As Interesting, If Not More Interesting, Than “Blue Moon”

  • Wolf Moon: First full moon in January, and inspiration for some great t-shirts
  • Worm Moon: Full moon in March, as the ground thaws, earthworms emerge, point themselves towards the moon’s light, and lament their lack of arms and spaceships
  • Egg Moon: Full moon in April, which legend says was pulled down from the heavens by a mischievous rabbit and hidden under a bush 
  • Catfish Moon: First full moon after the summer solstice, when catfish supposedly bite hillbillies’ outstretched hands more often than on other nights
  • Corn Moon: Full moon in September, it marked when corn was ready for harvest in order to become corn moonshine
  • Beaver Moon: Full moon in November, a reminder that you should always wear underwear